whatever you do, Work heartily, as for the lord and not for men.

colossians 3:23

Community Outreach

We consider it a privilege to grow in relationship with pastors, leadership teams, and community members in towns, cities, and villages around the world.

We currently take teams to communities in Brazil, Dominican Republic, Peru, Kenya, Costa Rica, New Mexico, and within the United States of America. 

Customized Mission Trips

Every team we work with is unique. As such, we believe the details of your trip should be planned with your specific team members in mind. Everything from scheduling flights to accommodations and the weekly menu will be planned specifically for your team.

Because we have long-term relationships with local churches around the world, we will make sure you are equipped to love, serve, and support the pastor, church leadership and community members! 

Church to Church Partnerships

Short-term missions are by definition ‘temporary’, but through Church-to-Church Partnerships, churches have the opportunity to establish enduring relationships with churches in other countries, yielding long-lasting effects.

Both churches work in tandem towards a shared goal of advancing the Gospel through meaningful relationships. Connecting churches within the USA to churches around the world, these partnerships can be cultivated to ensure lasting impact.

World Servants will provide assistance in to ensure the longevity of these partnerships.