Short Term Trips with long term relationships

why world servants is different from other organizations

Below you'll see communities around the world. We have worked hard to cultivate gospel centered and culture honoring relationships in these communities.

In order to serve sustainably, we believe our primary point of contact should be a local, gospel centered church. Our goal on each trip is to support and encourage the pastor and leadership team in their ongoing effort to love the community through sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. 
Take a few moments to read about each location. If you are interested in a more in depth overview, click the link below the image. 


World Servants partners with One Challenge International in Brazil, with a primary focus on spreading the Gospel and assisting the communities. Our current project in Ariri entails the construction of a refrigerated facility, which will directly benefit more than 15 households of local fishermen and contribute to the village's economic growth.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is widely regarded as one of the most environmentally-friendly and joyful countries in the world. Its stunning beaches, rainforests, and diverse wildlife are renowned worldwide. However, there are certain communities in the country that do not receive adequate support from the local government. An example of such a community is Playa Azul, located on the Central Pacific Coast. Residents of this community face a variety of challenges, including unemployment and poor living conditions.

Dominican republic

World Servants collaborates with Pastor Juan Rondon, his wife Dr. Gavina, and their three children residents of Consuelo, Dominican Republic. Pastor Juan has led Iglesia Gracia De Dios for the past 7 years, serving as the preaching pastor for both church members and the broader community. Dr. Gavina provides dignified healthcare at the newly built medical clinic adjacent the church.

New Mexico

World Servants has actively partnered with the Navajo Nation, driven by a mission to advance the Gospel through Christian community development. Our approach includes construction, outreach, resource connection, and leadership training, all guided by Gospel values. With the collaboration of over 100 diverse churches, we strive for sustainable development, demonstrating faith's transformative power.


World Servants collaborates with Peru Hope in Huaycan, a suburb of Lima, to support immigrant settlers striving for improved living conditions in this impoverished area, where the average household income is less than $9,000 USD a year. We partner with Peru Hope in spreading the Gospel through various outreach activities, such as leading Kid’s Club sessions, empowering women, and hosting community events.

West Virginia

For over thirty years, World Servants has dedicated itself to spreading the Gospel throughout West Virginia and the wider Appalachian region; areas deeply marked by rural poverty and the remnants of industrial decline. In these settings, World Servants has cultivated profound relationships with local communities, leveraging these bonds to share the Christian faith meaningfully.