Island ariri

Ariri is a village unlike most others in Brazil. Its unique location, nestled in the coastal waters south of Sao Paulo, and its isolation from the modern world, have left it relatively unchanged for centuries. The people of Ariri have lived there all their lives, fishing in the waters surrounding the island.
World Servants partners with One Challenge International in Brazil, with a primary focus on spreading the Gospel and assisting the communities. Our current project in Ariri entails the construction of a refrigerated facility, which will directly benefit more than 15 households of local fishermen and contribute to the village's economic growth.
Prior to departure, teams will undergo cross-cultural training. During the stay in Ariri, teams will organize Kids’ Club sessions and conduct outreach in nearby villages. Leisure activities include visits to local attractions such as beaches and markets. Ensuring safety is paramount, our teams will be accommodated in a local hotel on the island, with meals provided by locals throughout the trip.