Our Story

The early years

World Servants began over thirty years ago. Throughout its journey, the organization has encountered numerous challenges while adapting to the evolving landscape of local and international missions.

Initially established as a short-term mission organization, World Servants played a pivotal role in facilitating the involvement of many churches across the United States in global missions. In its early years, the organization's focus centered predominantly on constructing church buildings, schools, medical clinics, and water purification plants in remote villages worldwide. Additionally, trips involved organizing VBS-style programs and participating in local worship services.

These formative years marked the foundation of World Servants' mission endeavors.

where we are now

The philosophy of missions has evolved over the years; transitioning from mere building projects to fostering deeper relationships with a more personal focus.

As an organization with a long history, World Servants welcomes this shift to prioritize the individuals we serve alongside and those participating in our trips.

While buildings may be constructed and eventually decay, relationships endure the passage of time. It is within these enduring connections that true growth happens. World Servants is dedicated to advancing God's Kingdom by nurturing meaningful relationships through our missions’ endeavors.

the future

World Servants firmly believes God is guiding us to serve as a conduit, connecting churches in the United States with communities worldwide. Our commitment to missions remains unwavering; offering individuals and churches a transformative opportunity to step out of their familiar contexts and serve alongside unfamiliar faces—a core principle that defines our mission.

While World Servants has a rich history, our story is far from over. It will continue until God completes His purpose for utilizing our organization to bring glory to His name. The journey of World Servants is a dynamic and ongoing narrative, continuously shaped by the divine mission we embrace.